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A news junkie’s lament

Okay – I’ll admit to being a news junkie. In fact, I can’t help myself from indulging in my daily dose of ‘doom-and-gloom.’

After the alarm goes off and I stumble bleary-eyed out of the bedroom, the first thing I do, even before firing up the coffee pot, is turn on the TV, which is already tuned to a 24-hour cable news show.

Glancing back over my shoulder, I hurriedly throw my cup of caffeine together and shuffle back to the TV, anxious for the breaking news I missed while I was getting my beauty sleep (which never seems to work).

Anyway, cup in hand, I plop down on the sofa, a thrill of anticipation running down my spine … just as a commercial fills the screen.

“Darn!” I mutter. (Okay, maybe I didn’t exactly say ‘darn’ – which isn’t the typical exclamation in my somewhat ‘colorful’ vocabulary.)

Okay. I hit the remote and jump to another news channel, only to find – you got it – another commercial! Up and down the channels I go trying to find some ‘darn’ news. No luck. For several minutes I’m held prisoner by a series of ads for the kind of products I don’t want to think about so early in the morning – especially before breakfast.

Finally, the ‘talking heads’ come back on, and after a minute or two of mundane prattle between the ‘8 X10 glossies’ who all look alike, by the way, I get a brief two minutes of news before they cut away for yet another commercial!

Up and down I go again – only to have the same scenario repeated, over and over.

In desperation, I settle for scanning the mini-headlines that run across the bottom of the TV screen as the talking-heads babble on. But just as I discover a real piece of news to sink my teeth into, the headlines get the ax in favor of the same erectile dysfunction product pitch shown just 15 minutes ago.

What’s a news junkie to do!

My lament is simple and to the point. I miss my daily newspaper – the way it used to be! TV news and the Internet are okay in a pinch, but they’ll never replace the sheer enjoyment, the utter satisfaction a die-hard news junkie gets while perusing a thick newspaper, digesting all the news from around the country, and around the world, and delivered by seasoned and competent journalists – even though nobody notices the bylines.

And just to think – all that wonderful and enlightening news came without those ‘darn’ commercials!

2 Responses to “A news junkie’s lament”

  1. brian mc donald says:

    Thank you Shani, you always have a very interesting blog, I am a news junkie myself, and when I am sitting with my grandaughter, and that disgusting erectile dysfunction add comes on, well what can I say

  2. Jay from Wellington says:

    Shani, +1 (as the kids like to text) on being a news junkie. I’m so into it that I actually have a tiny TV mounted over my coffeemaker, so I don’t miss a minute of CNN, MSNBC and yes, even Fox, though the FIBs (Fox Interchangeable Blondes) do make me gag. Of course, the irony of the ad situation was that we were promised when cable started that if we paid for our TV, there would be no need for ads. Now, we have both monthly payments and ads… a microcosm of what has become of the American dream: overpromise, underdeliver.

    Oh well, it’s 7 AM. Let’s see what’s happened overnight.

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