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All alone, and liking it

I’m almost embarrassed to say this, but I’m probably one of the very, very, few people in the country who did not watch the Super Bowl on Sunday!

That’s right – believe it or not.

Instead, I curled up on the sofa, fortified with a mountain of munchies, and spent the day watching an all-day marathon of “Law and Order” reruns.

It would have been pointless to invite anyone to join me, or even attempt to ring-up a friend. I knew no one was available. Everyone else was glued to the TV watching the annual bone-crushing ritual that’s become a modern substitute for “gladiator combat.”

Yeah, I can now understand how thousands of Romans packed the Coliseum in the distant past to cheer wildly as people’s brains were bashed out, or while others morphed into animal chow.

The way I look at it, human nature hasn’t changed all that much in 10 centuries. Granted, the entertainment is not quite as barbaric, but spectators still call for blood, and probably wouldn’t mind seeing some, at that.

So, you can imagine the incredulous looks I got from those who, after asking what I thought of the game, heard my half-hearted reply: “Oh … who won?”

2 Responses to “All alone, and liking it”

  1. brian mcdonald says:

    Actually Shani, nothing has changed in over 20 centuries, as Solomon quite accurately stated, “There is nothing new under the Sun” and that includes the wreckless so called entertainment such as multiple marriages, women in general were treated like trash, just like what is happening in the middle east now

  2. brian mcdonald says:

    PS I think you made a good decision by not watching the super bowl, even though I did watch it, as my friend is the son of one of the former Giants, Jim Katcavage

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