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Bad case of electionitis

The symptoms include acute nausea, dizziness, head-to-toe body-itching and sudden anger – followed by an irresistible urge to throw something at the TV screen.

It’s called electionitis … and thousands of Americans throughout the country are currently suffering the unavoidable malady. The only cure is bed rest, plenty of water (preferably, something a bit stiffer) and turning off the TV – at least until November 7.

Hang in there. This too will pass.

Other than the die-hard History Channel, or National Geographic devotee, the rest of us TV watchers have been barraged with non-stop, way-too-negative political ads that make every candidate out to be just short of Jack the Ripper.

If we really believed all that stuff we hear, why would we want any of them as leaders? And judging by the ‘Johnny-one-note’ TV news coverage, absolutely nothing else is happening in the world besides the upcoming elections – and, of course, Libya, the events of which are still a mystery.

If that wasn’t enough, we then had back-to-back ‘debates,’ followed by non-stop debate coverage interpreting what went on, as if the general public is too stupid to figure it out ourselves.

Well, the good news is it’s almost over. Just 18 days down the road and your electionitis will clear up.

Hang in there – and try not to throw that shoe at the TV.

3 Responses to “Bad case of electionitis”

  1. brian mcdonald says:

    I agree, this too shall pass, as the memory of the murder of our Libyan Ambassador will pass, and the murders in the 911 tragedy will pass, and what else will pass before President Obama is replaced, and I pray he is, in November
    I love your column Shani, it gives all of us an opportunity to state our views, and that is what makes America Great, and I pray it stays this way, but it will not, unless the current administration is replaced, I was a die hard democrat for 40 years until the veil was lifted off my brain and eyes

  2. Jay from Wellington says:

    Brian, firing Obama is tantamount to firing the doctor who saved your economic life, and under whose care you are improving, and instead rehiring one of the quacks who put it in danger.

    Unless you’re one of the 1%, why you would vote against your own economic interests, preferring more tax cuts for the super-wealthy so they can further hoard their money or invest it in China, and the freeing of Wall Street to once again rip America off? That’s because, under Romney, that’s what you’ll get.

    As far as prayer goes, if Romney wins, pray for America.

  3. brian mcdonald says:

    It does not matter who wins, we should all be praying for America, I will never reach the 1% class nor do I care about them, my main concern is that this administration is spending all that I have earned, and it behooves me why people cannot see how corrupt this government is, of course I should add, always was, so I will take my chances on real change not rope a dope change, the stimulus was divided up between the dems is congress, ie: check Claire McCaskill’s reward for her husband’s business and Nancy Pelosi’s husband for his fish business God Bless America

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