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Beware the human animal

I’m disgusted!
I just read a news report about a 60-year-old former Georgia man who was ‘sentenced’ for killing a Florida panther in Georgia.
The Florida panther has been listed as an endangered species since March 11, 1967.
At the time of the shooting, according to the report, the man shot the animal while deer hunting – and he knew he was shooting at a species of cougar. The bullet fired from the man’s gun “entered the Florida panther in the rear portion of the rib cage by the right hindquarters just below the spine and lodged in the inside of the panther’s right front shoulder,” the report said.
If that isn’t disgusting enough – what came next really made me sick.
After being found guilty, the man was sentenced to … TWO YEARS PROBATION!
Wow! The hammer of justice really came down hard on this guy!
Oh … and the brave ‘sportsman’ is not allowed to hunt or obtain a hunting license anywhere in the United States during the period of probation. I bet he’s really sorry!
I’m wondering why they bothered to put him on trial at all. This minimal sentence for killing a beautiful and endangered animal is outrageous – and so sad. He should have gotten jail time. Even Paris Hilton was eventually sent jail – and for much less.
This appalling injustice reminds me of another recent news story about one of our typical ‘well adjusted’ South Florida teenagers who amused himself one afternoon by slaughtering an entire family of Muscovy ducks, sitting by a pond, with a baseball bat.
He got probation too. Anybody taking bets that we’ll probably be hearing from this sicko again?
These two atrocious incidents (among the countless others) bring to mind that old adage: “Human beings are the only species of animal that kills for fun.”
This disturbing fact doesn’t bode well for the future of the human race.
And, if we humans wind up wiping each other off the face of the Earth, what may be heard in our absence could be a loud, collective echo of “Good Riddance!”

3 Responses to “Beware the human animal”

  1. Pam says:

    Well put, Shani. Very well put.

  2. brian mcdonald says:

    Great report Shani, that creep should be jailed along with the judge, it’s a shame the cougar did not attack him before he got his shot off, he is a low life, sorry excuse for a human being, the justice system in our country is disgusting just like our congress, give me the animals ANYDAY

  3. Carol says:

    As a vegetarian, I’m opposed to killing animals for food. Meat is unhealthy for humans, and there are plenty of plant sources for protein. I’m just as concerned for the deer, and cows and chickens which are slaughtered to satisfy the appetite for flesh. Nevertheless, in this case, the hunter did not intentionally kill an endangered species as the Florida panther was out of its known range. I just read that only 5% of its native habitat remains. We’re all to blame for its becoming endangered as we have usurped its territory for housing developments and shopping centers, farmland and animal pastures.

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