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Bump in the night

Almost everyone has a personal ghost story to tell, either one they experienced themselves or one that happened to somebody they know.

So, being that today is Halloween – this seems a good time to tell mine.
It happened to me about ten years ago, but I think of it often. I was down with the flu and, unable to sleep due to a stuffed up nose and constant coughing and sneezing, was lying on the sofa surrounded by tissues, Vicks Vapo Rub, and bottles of typical flu medicine. It was late and I couldn’t sleep so I lay there watching the late, late, late show.

It was about 12:30 a.m., as I recall, when all four of my cats jumped off the sofa where they were commiserating with me – and gingerly crept into the dining room just off the living room. They gathered together and just sat there like statues, eyes wide open, staring into the corner of the room. A corner that was completely empty – not even a wayward bug was visible.

Unnerved by their constant gaze fixed on absolutely nothing, I began to call them away. They ignored me, and kept on staring at the blank wall. They apparently saw something I didn’t – or couldn’t. Feeling the hairs starting to stand up on the back of my neck, I began throwing things at them to shoo them away. It didn’t work. They kept sitting and staring.

Finally, only half jokingly, I called out – “What is it? … Do you see a ghost or something?”
This creepy incident went on for about 15 minutes before they suddenly stopped staring and walked away. I was glad it was over because I had an overwhelming perception something was in that corner of the room – something I couldn’t see, but felt.

Two days later, I was back at work when I received the phone call. One of my best friends (actually, he was really my best friend) had passed way. He had been recovering from surgery more than 1,200 miles away in New York and was doing fine, by all accounts. But, something went very wrong and he was rushed back to the hospital where he died two days before – just after midnight!

You can call it what you want – coincidence, imagination, or whatever. But you’ll never convince me that my best friend didn’t stop by to say goodbye.

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  1. brian mc donald says:

    It was a coincident, and your imagination, but the Irish are famous for folklore and ghost stories, I have heard hundreds of them

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