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Bye Bye Snowbird

If you live in South Florida, I’m sure you’ve noticed, as I have, that road traffic has greatly thinned out. I now find myself sailing through traffic lights that, these days, always seem to be green – a big change from having to stop at every light during season when many more cars clog the roads.

Moreover, I now have no trouble finding a parking spot at the supermarket or mall that doesn’t require a taxi ride to the front door. Lines are shorter at restaurants and theaters – not to mention the airport. But the best noticeable change for me is that I’m no longer jerked from my weekend morning sleep-in by peals and squeals and the sound of splashing water echoing from my condo’s swimming pool.

What has caused all these lovely changes you ask? The Snowbirds went home!

Now, I realize Florida depends on seasonal snowbirds and tourists for a good chunk of its revenue, so I’m not, by any means, anti-snowbird. In fact, we may have our many snowbirds and tourists to thank for Florida not having a state income tax.

However … the peace and quiet from May to October is blissful!

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