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Death by outsourcing

A recent news article reported that 90 percent of all the flowers purchased in the United States on Valentine’s Day came from South America.

That sad fact leads me to conclude that in addition to not being able to produce cars, electronics, clothes, cell phones, oil, or even customer service representatives – we can’t even grow flowers!

Apparently, the only thing America is still good at is turning out ‘Top 40’ hit records and blockbuster movies, and even that is arguable.

I think it’s way past time for American political leaders, and all of us ‘huddled masses’ to remember what we learned in school about the “Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire.” (Then again, maybe World History got tossed out of today’s school curriculum along with Geography.)

Suffice to say that the great Roman Empire, arguably the greatest civilization the world has ever known, committed slow, mass suicide by none other than – ‘outsourcing.’

From its earliest humble beginnings to its illustrious rise to world power, Rome’s strongest national characteristic was self reliance. Rome and its citizens produced everything it needed without relying on outside sources. And it was only when Romans got fat and lazy and lost that self reliance, depending on ‘satellite’ dominions for just about everything they needed – even the very food they ate – that the slow decline into oblivion began.

Does the plot sound familiar?

So – America, take heed. The handwriting is on the wall. We need to bring an immediate halt to ‘outsourcing’ what we used to do better than anybody. Yes, it might hit us in the pocketbook, even at a time when that pocketbook is pretty empty.

However, not to do so, I fear, will earn us a place in some future history book under the heading: “The Rise and Fall of the Great American Civilization.”

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  1. brian mcdonald says:

    Well said Shani, and let us not forget the fall of Germany as well as the Great Roman Empire, I fear we are following in the same footsteps, and Israel (Our Allie) is practically forgotten by this president, Netanyahu MUST protect Israel from the mad man in Iran, and the one in the White House

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