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Destitution derby

I don’t know about you, but I’m one happy camper now that both political conventions have, thankfully, come and gone.

While I can’t say I tuned in for every moment, I saw enough of both to convince me that this country desperately needs a viable third political party – and one that truly looks out for the ordinary, overburdened citizen.

What I came away with from the two ‘media events’ is that this country not only lacks real statesman leadership, but that the electorate values hype and entertainment over substance. It’s not who will make the best president, but who comes across as the ‘hippest” or who reads the teleprompter better.

Other ‘highlights’ included a somewhat sad and rambling address by one of my favorite film heroes – Clint Eastwood. (However, while the pundits fell over themselves dishing dirt on “Dirty Harry,” they all seemed to forget that this movie icon is 82 years old and delivered his address ad lib, something no one else had the cojones to do.

Then we had the Democrats trotting out their cast of staple ‘celebrities’ – a worn-out Bill Clinton (a president that was impeached, lest we forget); ‘ghost-of-Christmas past,’ Caroline Kennedy, and the truly heroic Gabrielle Gifford, who could barely walk across the stage (shame on them). I’m surprised the Democrats didn’t dig up Teddy Kennedy and prop up the corpse as background scenery.

But the most laughable element of both conventions was what one astute pundit labeled the “destitution derby.”

First we heard Anne Romney describe the sad tale of how hard it was for the young, newly-married couple, as they struggled and sacrificed to raise 5 boys while Mitt climbed the ladder of success. (This is a scenario I have trouble picturing.)

But it was when Michelle Obama described Barack’s “digging in the dumpster for furniture” that I really fell off my chair.

Do these people really think we buy this B.S.? I mean, I haven’t heard such political hard luck stories since the one about Old Abe ‘splitting rails’ for a living.

Apparently, just about everyone running for office was one step away from the poor house! But the truth is that a huge portion of Americans are a lot closer to the poor house than these politicians know, or even care about.

Instead of hearing more broken promises, or how great the American people are, I’d like to know what we can really count on, and how one of them is actually going to lead us out desperation.

Now that’s something I’d tune in for.

4 Responses to “Destitution derby”

  1. brian mcdonald says:

    I think the hole is too deep to expect a quick recovery, but I believe that change is imperative, and the jewish congregatations in florida should wake up and smell the roses, can’t they see that this administration is definetly not very friendly to Israel, and in fact, disrespectful

  2. Jay from Wellington says:

    Brian, Ehud Barak, who I had the honor of meeting and working with personally when I was with the Federation, says U.S.-Israeli cooperation is the best it’s ever been. I trust his word more than Netanyahu, who is a personal friend of Romney and wants him elected. You are right, though, that there can be no quick recovery to the recession, but as Bill Clinton pointed out, no president, himself included, could make it any quicker. Obama’s policies are starting to work, as shown by the stock market’s spectacular comeback, housing prices starting up, and bright spots appearing in the economy. Romney’s policies are those of George Bush, but his ties to wealth and big business are even stronger and we can expect him to therefore favor them more. I hope you’ll agree that we don’t need that again. The Jewish community should follow its long history and its instincts that the Democrats best exemplify our values. They therefore have earned our continued support come November 6th.

  3. brian mcdonald says:

    I do not know of any poor democratic senators or congressmen or women, they are all millionaires, the democrats own hollywood, they are rotten with wealth, Kerry is the richest person in the senate, with Pelosi a close 2nd, The democrats of yesteryear where more in to helping the poor than the present ones, I do respect opinions of others, but, personally I Love Israel and I believe Netanyahu is also a lover of Israel and it’s interests

  4. brian mcdonald says:

    PS: the democrats do not represent the jewish values anymore, as I stated, there was a time when they did, probably around the JFK era, but as of lately, the disrespect this president has extended to Bebe Netanyahu, regardless of who controls the leadership in Israel, is despicable, I can’t wait until November 6th so that I can exercise my right to vote for a decent gentleman Mitt Romney, therefore if anyone thinks that there is a light at the end of the tunnel they should see an eye doctor, I see the dictator of Iran and his followers doing everything possible to destroy Israel, an uncanny similiarity to Hitler

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