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Dump Tweedledee and Tweedledum

After the latest debacle delivered by our esteemed members of Congress, with both parties ‘fiddling while Rome burns,” then blaming each other for lighting the fire, it’s obvious to me that this country desperately needs a third political party.

The current Congress dithered so long over raising the debt ceiling (a pathetic situation to begin with) that  the country lost its Triple-A credit rating for the first time in U.S. history – and the Dow keeps plunging as a result.

With all the Congressional scandals, criminal charges, and squirming out of getting their just desserts – not to mention Congress’ ineptness at running the government – don’t ‘We the People’ deserve something better?

But If we just vote all of them out as a solution, the next batch, unfortunately, will look much the same.  No, the real solution is a viable third party that doesn’t have to answer to anybody but its constituents.     

How about a ‘Populist Party’ whose candidates must have some degree of moral ethics and principles, to start with, as well as a proven sense of fiscal responsibility? 

Boy, that would be a welcome change!

I’d like to see a political party that’s socially liberal and fiscally conservative.  A party that stays out of the bedroom, out of the womb, and keeps religion only in churches, synagogues, mosques or whatever.  A party that has the fiscal common sense to spend the astronomical income this country produces wisely, while generating more.

For example – how about taxing through the nose any U.S. corporation that outsources?  How about heavily taxing any foreign goods entering the country that puts American-made products at a disadvantage?  And, instead of  entertaining cutbacks to Social Security and Medicare, desperately needed by millions of Americans, why not cut corners by cutting foreign aid!  If one can’t pay his own rent and feed his own family, why support everyone else on the block!

One giant leap in lessening the deficit would be to end military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It has cost more than $900 billion for military operations in those countries – and that’s just up until 2009!  And all we have to show for it is young soldiers coming home in caskets.  And as for the $3 billion a year we give to Pakistan … well, we have to be the ‘#1 chump of the century!’

If these aren’t reasons enough for someone to initiate a third party – then I guess the old adage is really true – ‘the masses are indeed asses!”

4 Responses to “Dump Tweedledee and Tweedledum”

  1. Pam says:

    Sure there are plenty of people who agree with you on this post.

  2. Carol says:

    You’re right on the issues, Shani, but your solution of a new party won’t solve the problems. The staggering sums of money each congressperson must raise to run for office and to retain a seat have created a plutocracy. Congress has become beholden to private interests. Defense contracts are sacrosanct as are many projects, both with merit and without. Unfortunately,it’s difficult for congress to remain objective when they have fealty to such special interests.

  3. Jay from Wellington says:

    Carol has nailed it. The problem isn’t party, it’s money.

    Congresspeople spend much of their time “dialing for dollars,” for their next campaign. So naturally they owe their loyalty to those who make it possible for them to keep their jobs. But ban private contributions and publicly finance all elections and our leaders can finally vote for the public good. Limit electioneering to one month before the vote as well, to keep costs down, and don’t forget the free and equally divided TV airtime, as a payback from broadcasters in exchange for using the public airwaves for their private profit.

    The neat thing about this solution is that it could be supported by those in power now, unlike trying to start a new party which they would see as competitive. Most officials hate the endless grind to raise cash. It actually would be liberating. And it might help some of them find their conscience.

  4. Justo says:

    Shani, good job on this!

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