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Holiday musings

Does anyone else feel like they were gypped out of Thanksgiving?
The turkey on the table hadn’t even cooled down yet before the stores opened for ‘Black Friday’ bargain hunting – a day early. Moreover, weeks before Halloween, the stores were putting up Christmas decorations!
What happened to Turkey Day? It seemed to just fly by (no pun intended).
And if you happened to be watching TV while digesting the super-duper dinner, you might have seen all those ads prodding people to forget the bird, company, dessert, and head out to the store to beat your neighbor to the bargains.
And, in way too many instances, that’s exactly what happened … your neighbor got beaten – literally beaten!
Watching news reports of bargain hunters rampaging through the stores, knocking people (and children) over and causing injuries, not to mention the pepper spraying, just to get their hands on something first, convinced me that our transformation is now truly complete.
The United States has warped into the “Jerry Springer Nation.”
How sad.
Many of us saw it coming, but were unable to halt the tacky trend. It overwhelmed us with all the vulgar reality shows and talentless talent shows.
In a world where anything goes, where there’s no such thing as taste, class, manners, or simple consideration for your fellow man, is it really surprising what took place on ‘Black Friday?”
I mean, you’d have to have a death wish to venture out on that day among your ‘neighbors.’
Lord know what Christmas and Hanukkah will bring?

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  1. brian mcdonald says:

    The whole world is getting out of control, you are right on Shani

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