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Newt scores a knockout

Newt Gingrich’s knockout punch to CNN’s John King in the televised debate on the eve of the South Carolina primary was, arguably, the primary (no pun intended) reason Newt trounced Mitt Romney, the favorite contender.

Gingrich was trailing Romney by double digits in all polls when two things happened that changed the outcome, almost overnight.

The first was ABC airing the ‘tell-all’ interview with Newt’s ex-wife – a revealing conversation that hardly painted Newt as ‘conservative’!
In fact, I have my doubts that many, if any, conservative couples would agree to living an ‘open marriage.’

The second thing was moderator King’s huge mistake in opening a presidential debate with a gossipy tidbit more likely heard on ‘Entertainment Tonight.’

The audience apparently thought likewise and cheered Gingrich’s 1-2-punch to King, demonstrating its animosity towards the media.

CNN went home with a black eye, and Gingrich walked off with the primary.

Now, I’m hardly a fan of Gingrich. Besides all the dirty laundry he’s carrying around in his suitcase, I still remember how he went after then President Clinton, doing all he could to drag the popular Democratic leader down for his peccadillo (no pun intended) with Monica. I well remember Newt’s ‘holier-then-thou’ stance as he railed at Clinton from his House perch – not unlike history’s Cotton Mather, as he condemned witches to death.

And at the same time he was damning Clinton to hell … well … let the gossip rags fill in the blanks.

So, as I said, while I’m not a fan of Newt’s, I couldn’t help smiling when Gingrich delivered his knockout punch. And King deserved it.

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  1. I also believe Newt rendered a knockout punch, however, I would vote for David Berkowitz before I would vote for Obama, Politicians, in most cases, and in both parties are absolutely corrupt

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