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Time for a third party

If ever there was a time and need for the creation of a third political party, the current debacle going on in Congress proves is it now; and the wide-ranging outrage at the fiasco in Washington should be the ‘kick in the butt’ incentive to get it going.

Congressional leadership is holding our economy hostage and thousands of hard working people are taking the hit. So is the general public, not to mention the cash-spending tourists who are being turned away at national monuments and national parks. I even saw one news bite where veterans and their families were forbidden access to the WWII monument to American servicemen in Normandy, France.

However, in the past, each time attempts at developing a third political party that would give voters a choice other than Tweedledum and Tweedledee, it has been met with apathy from the electorate. Perhaps, this time will be different – maybe the message has finally sunk in. We desperately need a new, “People’s Party,” that will honestly represent the people – and, more important, keep campaign promises.

It that a possibility? Or am I just some optimistic relic who still believes in Santa Claus?

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