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Update on Downton Abbey

After anxiously waiting many months for the return of Masterpiece Theater’s “Downton Abbey” on PBS, it took only two episodes to throw us into despair.

Last Sunday night, Lady Sybil died in childbirth!

Yes, during the third installment of Season 3, one of most liked and sympathetic characters living at the Crawley digs will be no more. How can the writers do this to the thousands of loyal Downton Abbey fans?

If that’s not bad enough, while doing some snooping, I discovered that Matthew Crawley is also going to kick the bucket. Poor Lady Mary! Wonder if she’ll get pregnant before his demise.

I also learned that Tom Branson (rebel husband of the late Lady Mary) will become agent for the Crawley estate and his brother Kieran Branson will be joining him. Another new character coming on board is the young Lady Rose – I smell romance – but with whom?

I admit to being hooked on Downton Abbey. It reminds me of “Upstairs, Downstairs” of many moons ago. Same with “Brideshead Revisited.” I’m one of the thousands (probably millions) who clear their evening schedule at 9 p.m. on Sunday night to learn what’s doing at the Crawley’s. I never saw an hour pass so fast.

There are some, however, who ask me what’s so great about Downton Abbey? I answer … story, story, and story. Not to mention the first class acting and script, interesting and three-dimensional characters that you care about, and the wonderful period costumes and, of course, the location. Did people really live like that?

The fact that the PBS show is a huge hit says something about the usual, moronic TV fare that’s thrown at us. We’re starved for some really good quality drama. Used to be a time when more quality programming wasn’t such an anomaly – but, unfortunately, that’s the way is.

I hope the powers that be are taking notice of just how profitable good TV can be.

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  1. Jay S says:

    Shani, we too are religous Downtoners, worshipping at Highclere Castle, (the Abby’s real name) every Sunday night. We were shocked to learn that next week’s 2-hour Victorian style-fest will be the last for who knows how long. And I won’t even tell the wife about Matthew. She might just swoon.

    Nice to know that natives of so working class a place as we are can appreciate the finer things in life… beautiful surroundings, classy manners, and most important, good writing. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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